Cheng is very professional and is very easy to deal with as a buyer. Very punctual and reliable.

Bakud | Wicks Street, Morley

Capability & Trustworthy

The way that Mr. Liu conducts his business demonstrates his excellent capability in achieving the results and thereby gained my endorsement in full confidence.

Arthur | Simmonds Street, Morley

Cheng gave me an appraisal that was below 3 others, I felt it was true to the market and though not what I wanted to hear, it was more realistic. Cheng was given the contract to sell my property and from that moment on, was very professional, honest and committed, it was never a problem to call him at any time to discuss any issues I needed to discuss, he spent many hours keeping me in the loop, updated on the progress, interest and comments from people viewing my property and was willing to go above and beyond to make sure I was happy with all aspect of his profession. He never suggested the price be dropped to get a buyer, always worked for me in the process, and got the required price and sold my home withing weeks of putting it on the market. His follow up after sale is also commendable. I would highly recommend Cheng to anyone interested in selling a home. If you are looking for an inspiring honest and passionate Agent to sell you home, try Cheng from Harcourts.

Marcia | Wheatstone Drive, Morley

Cheng is very knowledgeable about our area, and he gave us a very comprehensive report. On top of that, he showed such nice manners and was very respectful at all times. Even when put in the middle of some not so nice situations.
Thank you Cheng.

Tracey | Logan Way, Noranda

Committed to communication

We were very happy with Cheng’s professional approach to selling our property. We were kept informed at all stages of the representation and appreciated his knowledge of the market. Thanks Cheng.

Carmelita | Stegley Place, Morley

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